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While both individual excellence grants (e.g. ERC Grants) and multi-national collaborative projects (e.g. Horizon 2020) can boost scientific careers, they are challenging to acquire. The funding landscape is growing increasingly competitive and up-to-date knowledge and unique skills and capabilities are needed to be successful. Our coaching programme has been designed to help you develop a competitive and authentic grant application that stands out from the competition. Our personal approach will offer you practical guidance to structure your innovative ideas into an appealing research grant. This is how we coach you towards success.

Personal coaching for your grant application

ttopstart has supported over 250 grant proposals and has a firm knowledge base that is essential to boost your success rate. By using our FFWD model for winning grant applications, our proposals achieve high success rates.

Our added value is that we provide personal (1-on-1) support with the sole aim to improve your proposal. With brainstorms and personal consultations we will get the most out of your ideas. The personal coaching service is provided in two or three extensive review rounds in which we provide extensive feedback on your ideas and vision. Going through the coaching process will provide answers to questions such as:

  • Is the project plan in line with the official regulations and can it score a high impact?
  • Is the topic and approach innovative for the field?
  • Is the framework of the project optimally structured?
  • Does the proposal optimally address the call topic and expected impact?
  • Does the proposal sufficiently address the proposed problems?
  • Does the project answer a market and/or societal need?
  • Is the work plan clear, well-structured and pragmatic?
  • Is the project feasible and does it have an appropriate risk mitigation strategy?
  • Is the overall manner of presentation according to the “8 Cs” (conform, complete, consistent, concise, concrete, convincing, coherent and creative)

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