Grant proposal review: the three-step programme

With our review service, we will coach you towards success by providing a clear and easy-to-implement evaluation of your proposal based on our proven FFWD methodology and database of best practices gained from over 250 applications. We have established a simple three-step programme to help you improve your subsidy proposal. Our experts will guide you through this process and provide you with extensive commentary (by email, telephone conferences and/or face-to-face meeting) in each reviewing round. This personal approach ensures that you will deliver a competitive project with an optimal chance of success.

Round 1

The first round of review will focus on ‘fit and framework’. We will brainstorm about the concept, objectives and possible partners, while providing our vision on your research and innovation ideas to help you strengthen your approach. We support you with tips on how to set-up a coherent framework for the research and innovation aspects of your subsidy proposal. After this round you are fully equipped to start writing.

Round 2

The second reviewing round will focus on the proposal that you have developed so far. We will review the concept, approach and work plan and will provide you with best practices to present and highlight the strengths of your project in an appealing manner. We provide input on how to write a proposal that can convince experts, while remaining accessible for non-experts. Round two will enable you to work towards the semi-final version of your proposal.

Round 3

The last round of review will be geared towards streamlining the final version of your subsidy application. Our experts will focus on persuasive and broad presentation of impact and dissemination of the project results. We will help you to connect these with key market trends and policies. We can provide clear-cut examples of how to write a convincing implementation plan that spans beyond the project. After this round, your proposal is ready for submission. Fingers crossed!

Optional round

We will tailor the reviewing process to your specific needs. Additionally, we can organise and oversee the administrative part of the application and edit the proposal where appropriate (e.g. on hourly fee basis) to optimise wording and structure, include missing elements and make the overall proposal as convincing as possible.

Request assistance

We are happy to discuss the options with you. Contact us and find out how we can empower your grant application.