Funding strategy

The research funding landscape is changing. Large funding bodies such as Horizon 2020 require innovative projects with a higher impact on science, industry and society, thereby addressing current innovation challenges. This requires, amongst others, new collaborations between the public and private sectors, as well as the participation of new stakeholders such as patient organisations and non-governmental organisations. At the same time, an increased pressure on research funding resources is observed on both a national and international level.

These challenges call for a major transformation of current funding strategies. Funding strategies should be fully aligned with major societal challenges, need to be adaptive and are required to include collaborations that go beyond current practices. Only in this way research teams and organisations can remain successful within the changing research funding landscape.

ttopstart has been working for several years with high performing research teams and organisation. This has resulted in the submission of over 200 successful grant applications. This allowed us to compare and analyse research teams to identify best practices and paved the way towards the development of the funding model canvas. The funding model canvas is a standardised method to analyse current practices and support the development of new and competitive funding strategies for universities and research teams. The funding model canvas consists of nine factors that are the most important performance indicators for raising subsidies. Together with our clients, we develop the funding canvas to ensure research and funding strategies are optimally aligned with the funding roadmaps of large funding bodies, including the perspectives from other sources such as industry.

The funding model canvas


funding strategy model canvas

The funding model canvas helps research teams and organisations to identify their current strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, it will lay out the opportunities to overcome these barriers such as by developing new collaborations. These insights will be consolidated into personalised funding roadmaps on both an individual and organisational level. These funding roadmaps will support you to select subsidy programmes for which you or your organisation have the highest fit and success rates. Furthermore, through personal coaching and sharing best practices we will guide your team to a higher performance level. The ultimate impact of our involvement is to empower you to become more successful with raising competitive research funding and boosting your competitive position in the future.

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