PRO-ACTIV: prepare your research team for grant applications

PRO-ACTIV is a tailored programme that uses the funding model canvas to optimally prepare your research team for grant applications. The canvas is based on nine criteria that have a large influence on the chances of receiving funding. The ttopstart academy helps research groups to analyse their current position and make a plan on how to improve overall performance. This will lead to an improved funding strategy and a better overview of the possibilities for research grants and collaborations.

The benefits of the PRO-ACTIV programme

The PRO-ACTIV programme has four steps that guide your research team towards a strong position to successfully apply for funding: AnalysisCustomised funding strategyTraining & Implementation, and Valuation. You can find more information about each of these steps in this page.

If you are part of the PRO-ACTIV programme, your research group will benefit from:

  • A detailed strategy to successfully attract more funding, increase visibility and leverage valuable partnerships
  • An understanding of the unique assets, expertise, needs, challenges and opportunities of your group
  • A strategic subsidy roadmap for the research group with funding options for the next 18 months
  • An overview of effective communication channels and instructions for use

The four steps of the PRO-ACTIV programme

The PRO-ACTIV programme guides your research team towards a strong position to successfully apply for funding. This is done in four practical steps.

1: Analysis

Our experts perform a baseline analysis to characterise the scientific vision, unique assets and expertise, challenges and opportunities of your group. This is done through interviews and/or a survey with team members and analysing ongoing research lines and past grant applications.

2: Customised funding strategy

In step 2 our experts will work with you to develop an actionable and strategic personal plan for strengthening the positioning of your research group for funding. This can include maximising visibility, establishing productive (industry) partnerships and fully aligning the research vision with EU objectives. Ultimately the plan will enable your group to perform at maximum force in funding applications. The core of the strategy can be set up in a one- or two-day workshop for representatives of your group. In addition, you will gain a practical overview of which grants and subsidies offer high potential for you and a good understanding on how to approach these calls. We will show you how to optimally use various (inter)national funding instruments – such as Horizon 2020 – and leverage the content and quality of your subsidy applications. If applicable, commercialisation opportunities are also highlighted.

3: Training & Implementation

Our experts support implementation of the customised strategy through multiple proven approaches and an emphasis on personal coaching:

  • Training sessions targeted at building the ideal consortium, exploiting relationships with non-academic stakeholders, accessing high-value networks, European grant writing and/or presenting for panels
  • Co-development of funding applications, involving a trajectory in which we together go through each phase of setting up a winning proposal
  • Setting up communication content and tools for maximum visibility, supported by our marketing experts
  • Building a business case for valorisation of valuable research results

All approaches result in actionable outcomes which can be easily implemented in daily practice.

 4: Valuation

Our experts measure the impact of the implemented strategy after six months and will benchmark the impact with the baseline analysis. This allows you to see which activities contribute most to your success and allow optimisation of the strategy. At this time we will also update the funding roadmap.

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