Why do you/ your research groups need funding training?

Changes in the European research funding landscape

The dramatic shift of the landscape of European research funding in recent decades has increased the competitiveness between research groups.

To be successful, research projects now need to present new forms of collaborations between public and private partners, government and patient organisations to realise impact for science, industry and society. Furthermore, other aspects such as maximising the economic impact of the project and promoting a high value-added economy are increasingly essential for success in the grant application field.

Improve your grant applications and increase your chance of success

Our interactive training courses and workshops will empower you and your research groups to increase your European funding competitiveness, increasing your chances of success in grant applications.

What funding training programmes and workshops do we offer?

We offer hands-on training programmes and workshops, focused on increasing the capabilities of the attendees to be successful in research funding.

Visit each section to find out more about training for each topic, and what programmes we offer.

  • General grant writing training programmes
  • Horizon 2020 training programmes
  • ERC training programmes

How does it work?

During our training programmes and workshops, we share our methods and experience, examples of successful projects and best practices, including practice cases and frequently asked questions.

At the moment we offer only in-house training programmes: our experts travel to your institution.

Information for project managers/grant officers:

You can contact us with a specific training programme in mind or not. For each training we will first evaluate your needs and then design a programme that fits your research group best.

Information for researchers:

Individual researchers can request training with their research groups to request training. It is sometimes also possible to register individually for an already scheduled session. Contact us directly to find out the possibilities.

Why ttopstart academy?

Experienced grant writers

ttopstart is a science and business consulting company, with several years of experience in supporting funding applications for our clients in 19 EU countries and the US. We offer services in funding and subsidies, business development and project management.

After many years of supporting researchers with writing convincing grant proposals, we have recognised the need for sharing this knowledge. Meet our experts in the experts page.

Innovative views and methods

We have created the FFWD method for winning grant proposals, and are happy to share our knowledge from our proven experiences through our training programmes.

Furthermore, we have also created a new funding strategy service PRO-ACTIV that guides research teams towards a strong position to apply for funding. All these original views are key to understand and improve your funding competitiveness.

Our happy customers

Read success stories of our happy customers who have improved their funding.

Request assistance

You can request training or send us your questions via the form below. Our experts are happy to answer your inquiries.