3 tips how to turn your ERC starting grant into an ERC consolidator grant

The European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator grant calls return every year. You are probably already familiar with all eligibility requirements the ERC has set (years of experience, nationality, duration, maximum amount of funding etc, can be found here). More interesting are the recommendations not mentioned there, but that have the potential to give you a head start over your competitors. Of which there are many.

Kick start your ERC Consolidator grant application

The first of these officious requirements you already check off, you hold an ERC starting grant. Read here 3 other recommendations that kick start your ERC CoG grant application.

Impact key paper

Aim to have a high impact key paper describing the result of your ERC starting grant.

The European Research Council envisions a complete career path with the three consecutive ERC grant applications (starting, consolidator and advanced). Therefore, the ERC starting grant should serve as a solid basis for the following grant. What better way to illustrate this by having a high impact paper (preferably in the top 3 journals for your field)  in place. This not only demonstrates the ability to perform excellent research (as peer-reviewed by the field), but also that you as a researcher are able to turn plans into results.

Generate more than lab results

Try to describe the excellence of the researchers you have brought forth. An advanced researcher does more than generating wet lab results.

Maybe even more important, you and your research should also devote to the next generation of researchers. As such you can really have a long-lasting impact in your field. This is perfectly illustrated by the successes achieved by the researchers that you educated. So mention those specifically. Also researchers that ended up outside of academia can be important to mention, as they contribute to translation of your research. This, in turn, can be paramount for a longer term impact.

List your collaborations

It is clear that the best research is hardly ever performed alone, also reviewers are aware of this. Solid and long-term collaborations are an absolute must. Therefore if you have such collaborations in place, or your ERC starting grant started and consolidated those, this is another way to show your superiority as a researcher.

Together these tips can help you to take your ERC Consolidator grant application to the next level.

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