Communication vs. Dissemination in your H2020 project; what is the difference?

In our recent post on the difference between dissemination and exploitation, we received a lot of responses. Amongst these responses, the question was raised how communication relates to dissemination. We want to shed some light on this in this article.

Communication in your Horizon 2020 project

Communication, according to the European Commission, is promoting the action and its results. In your communication, you should promote the project by showing how your project has achieved more than if there was no joint effort for the action. Examples of communications are press releases and brochures.

About the dissemination of your results

As stated in our last article, the definition of dissemination is “the act of spreading something, especially information, as far as possible”. It is the transfer of your research results to the ones that can best make use of it. Means to disseminate your results are presenting your data at scientific conferences and publishing peer-reviewed articles.

Communication vs. Dissemination

The both are governed by different articles (articles 38 and 29, respectively) in the Grant Agreement of the European Commission for H2020 projects, again underlining the difference. Therefore, they also need a different approach in your project, but during your project, they could be planned for simultaneously.

Tips and tricks for communication and dissemination of your Horizon 2020 project

Some tips and tricks regarding communication and dissemination in your project:

  • Communication and dissemination are described in section 2.2 in your proposal, which is part of the Impact section. Therefore, provide a detailed plan that will positively impact your project.
  • Start early in your project with developing both communication and dissemination strategies. During this development, pay attention to some drawbacks; such as data becoming available before publication and communication of confidential results.
  • Use storytelling in your communication; ‘think global, act local’.
  • Quantify what you want to achieve with your actions. For example, how many views would you like on your website? How many newsletters will your project deliver? This makes your plan more actionable.
  • Evaluate your actions. Did you obtain the number of views on your website that you envisioned? What could be improved?
  • When you communicate project results, always acknowledge your financial support. (e.g. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No …)
  • In your communication and dissemination actions, the following ‘lifecycle’ may help you in setting your goals:

communication and dissemination actions ‘lifecycle’ for setting goals

Request assistance

At ttopstart we can help you with the communication and dissemination of your project. We can be partner in your project, facilitate project management and establish targeted strategies. Contact us if you want to know more.