Grant writing 101: our 3 tips to strengthen your grant proposal

Writing grant proposals can be a complex, demanding and time-consuming process. Writing a convincing grant proposal is part art, part science coupled with a sharp business acumen. Your goal is to end up with a successful application and to achieve this in the context of stringent funding criteria, you need an outstanding grant proposal.

Finding the right funding, a needle in a haystack

A prerequisite for ensuring a successful grant application is first and foremost to find the funding opportunity that is right for your project (the Fit). We, at ttopstart, have developed the Life Sciences Funding Database to help researchers and entrepreneurs identify the most relevant funding opportunities.

What makes a great grant proposal

A well-written proposal has a clear structure, a convincing story and contains all the valuable information that makes the case for funding. What makes a well-written proposal a successful proposal is thinking out-of-the-box and letting go of the writing process generally required for scientific publications.

Tips to strengthen your grant proposal

Below are three free tips to strengthen your grant proposal:

1. Tailor your application to the specific funding requirements

Before you start writing the grant proposal, do your research. Thoroughly read through the guidelines, work program announcements and objectives. Formatting instructions are essential; having formatting errors in your proposal can get your proposal rejected. Besides that, your proposal should show how your proposed project will address all the goals and objectives outlined in the funding program.

2. Use accessible language

While you want your expertise to transpire throughout your proposal and specialised terminology conveys precise meaning, writing a jargon-filled proposal might not get your message across. Instead, avoid writing a too densely academic proposal and use language that can be understood by a diverse group of readers from highly specialised to non-expert readers. The key is to maintain a balance between scientific precision and meaning that is clear to a diverse audience.

3. Get letters of support

Letters of support demonstrate the credibility of your application. Get your stakeholders involved as early as possible and ask them to show their support through letters of support. Letters of commitment/intent are even more valuable as they show how your stakeholders will assist you throughout the project. These supporting materials are critical in positioning you as a great candidate for grant funding.

FFWD your application

ttopstart has developed the FFWD (Fit, Framework, Write and Development) method for winning grant proposals. By using this method, you can improve your grant applications and become successful!

Request assistance

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