Veni, Vidi, Vici – 3 tips to conquer the NWO Vici grant

Published: 23 January 2017

About the NWO Vici grant

The Innovational Research Incentives Scheme NWO Vici is a grant for senior researchers. The Vici grant is targeted at outstanding senior researchers who have successfully demonstrated the ability to develop their own innovative lines of research.

Moreover, they should act as coaches for young researchers to support continuous scientific excellence in the Netherlands. Securing funding for your research and innovation project is not an easy feat. Vici is highly competitive in which the quality of the researcher and the quality and innovative character of the research are very important.

Converting a Vidi to a Vici

Converting a Vidi to a Vici means you have to ‘up the ambition’.  Veni, Vidi, Vici are three grants geared to different stages in a researcher’s scientific career: Veni, for researchers who have recently obtained their PhD; Vidi, for researchers who have gained several years of research experience after their PhD; Vici, for senior researchers who have demonstrated an ability to develop their own line of research.

1. Take logical steps

Although it should be new and innovative, the research should be strongly built upon your previous expertise. It should be a logical step in your career. Your network and collaborations should be established to empower you to make this a success.

2. Have a vision

It is very important to have a clear idea of the way the world will look after you have achieved your aim. A tip is to start by defining the focal problem your research will solve. From this, you can deduct your main objective, which should be the solution to your defined problem.

3. Don’t short-sell yourself

Your proposal should also transmit confidence to the reviewers. To this end, it is paramount to not only focus on your collaborations and involvement with organisations or foundations within or outside your field, but rather demonstrate your confidence by avoiding statements containing “may” or “could’, while still keeping your proposal feasible and logical.

More information about the NWO Vici grant

You can find more information about the NWO Vici grant in our funding database or on the NWO website.

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