ERC Advanced Grant Writing Week for Radboudumc

The ttopstart academy provided a one-week ERC Advanced grant training in collaboration with the Radboudumc Grant Support Office. Throughout the week, participants received feedback on their ideas and learned how to write the grant proposal based on our FFWD model for winning grant proposals. Ultimately, they delivered a full draft for B1, while they started with only one or more rough ideas.

About Radboudumc

With nearly 10,000 employees and 3,000 students, Radboudumc combines patient care, research, and scientific training. Their mission is to have a significant impact on healthcare and they wish to take the lead or at least actively contribute to the development of reliable, innovative and affordable healthcare.

The ERC AdG Writing Week training

The hands-on 5 day programme focused on getting the participants to deliver a full draft for B1 by the end of the week.

The programme featured the following:

  • Initial feedback on the participants’ research ideas and ambitions;
  • Training on ERC writing:
    • “Story telling”
    • Differences between B1 and B2
  • Shared experiences by Radboudumc ERC AdG laureates
  • Writing of B1:
    • ttopstart academy support during writing
    • Peer review during the writing

After the training: coaching / review

Between the training week and the submission of the proposal, the ttopstart academy will further review each proposal several times.


“When I arrived at the ERC Advanced Writing Week organised by ttopstart I believed that my ideas were already structured to a considerable extent. From the ttopstart coaches I learned how unstructered my thinking in fact was. They helped me in creating solid idea-flow structure which tremendously expedited the writing.”

Prof. Dr. Raymond van Ee, Radboudumc

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The ERC Writing Week is the most supportive training for ERC prospects, as it provides not only a “how-to” but also a strong feedback loop between the participants and the ttopstart academy experts.

A training week programme can be developed for any ERC grant, not only ERC Advanced. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.