The REGAIN (REgeneration of inner ear hair cells with GAmma-secretase INhibitors) consortium aims to develop and test a new drug to treat hearing loss caused by the loss of sensory hair cells in the inner ear. This project is coordinated by Rolf Jan Rutten, founder and CEO of Audion Therapeutics. REGAIN is a collaboration between 7 highly dedicated partners, (Audion Therapeutics BV, the UCL Ear Institute, University of Tübingen, The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Eli Lilly, Clinquest Services and ttopstart BV).

The REGAIN project was awarded a 5,8 million Euro Horizon 2020 grant under the PHC-13 topic ‘new therapies for chronic non-communicable diseases’. ttopstart is responsible for the management of the project, including communication, dissemination and exploitation.