ERC Advanced Grant Training

About the ERC Advanced Grant

ERC grants boost scientific careers, but acquiring such a grant is challenging. ERC applicants should have a strong competitive profile which goes beyond the standard eligibility criteria. ERC research projects should propose visionary and challenging research ideas that clearly discriminate from previous research efforts

Amongst the various funding options available is the ERC Advanced Grant (AdG). If you are an exceptional, established Principal Investigator (PI) looking for long-term funding to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk research, then the ERC AdG could be for you!

The funding is up to €2.5M for 5 years (an additional €1M can be made available to cover eligible ‘start-up’ costs for researchers moving from a third country to the EU or an associated country and/or the purchase of major equipment or access to large facilities).

Are you ready for an ERC Advanced Grant?

ERC AdG proposals are evaluated by a panel of international experts. The reviewers will evaluate both the research proposal and the applicant on the sole criterion of scientific excellence, so research proposals should aim high. Consider the ambition of the envisaged scientific achievements as well as the creativity and originality of the proposed approaches. Proposals should rise to pioneering and far-reaching challenges at the frontiers of the field(s) addressed. They should involve novel, ground-breaking or unconventional methodologies. Such a risky approach is justified by the possibility of a major breakthrough, and with an impact that goes beyond a specific research domain/discipline. Of course, translating your innovative ideas into winning grant proposals can be difficult, but ttopstart offers a range of training courses aimed at doing just that.

Personalised Training for ERC AdG applicants

Our ERC AdG training approach supports researchers in developing a unique application that stands out from the competition. Our trainers and consultants provide strong hands-on guidance on how to structure innovative ideas into an appealing and personal research grant that has a high chance of success. We help you with designing an attractive research proposal that has a coherent structure and a clear impact on science and society. With more than 9 years of experience in grant writing, ttopstart has supported more than 400 EU research grants, including more than 30 successful ERC grants (including starting, Consolidator, Advanced and Proof of Concept grants). We have designed our own Fast Forward (FFWD) methodology, identified best practices and developed customised strategies (such as the Funding Model Canvas) to increase success rates.

The exact composition of the training will be further discussed with you and tailored to your needs. We find the interactive character of our training highly important, so both plenary sessions and workshops will be incorporated.  You will hear from an ERC AdG laureate about the critical steps to success, and you will get the opportunity to implement our FFWD method on your own project ideas and receive immediate feedback from the trainers. It is our ultimate goal to train participants to prepare successful ERC AdG proposals.

For who?

  • Established PIs with a track record of significant research achievements in the last 10 years
  • You should be an exceptional leader in terms of originality and significance of your research contributions

Examples of what can be learned in ERC AdG Training

  • What are the formal and informal evaluation criteria and how can I best present myself to ensure optimal scores? How can I take the reviewers perspective?
  • How to approach proposal preparation? (Overall process towards submission)
  • How do I determine whether my idea is good enough and how can I develop the most ground-breaking concept?
  • Writing tips: How to build a sound story? How can I be convincing while remaining authentic? What are best practices?
  • How to build a sound (hypothesis-driven) project strategy/work plan?


1 day, with optional modules prior to (e.g. CV check) and post (application review) training.

Request Assistance

Do you have questions about ERC AdG training? All of our training programmes will be adapted to your needs. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities