ERC Starting Grant Training

About the ERC Starting Grant

The ERC Starting Grants are very prestigious and can extensively advance your career. In general we assessed that well performing senior PIs acquired an early career personal excellence grant such as the starting grant. However, acquiring such funding is increasingly more difficult as competition is significant. Therefore, to be successful early stage researchers need to create outstanding projects based on their own unique selling points.

ttopstart has supported over 50 researchers with the preparation of their ERC grant (StG, CoG and AdG), and with this experience we have learned about the key success factors for ERC grant applications. We are therefore equipped to share our findings and best practices with researchers that plan to submit an ERC Starting Grant proposal.

The ttopstart academy offers one-day training programme for ERC Starting Grant writing.

Are you ready for an ERC Starting Grant?

With a maximum of €2.000.000 awarded for a period of 5 years, the ERC Stg is an attractive opportunity to start your own independent research team or project.

  • Are you an early-career researcher, with unique expertise and a proven track record?
  • Do you have 2-7 years of experience after your PhD?
  • Have you been invited to present at internationally established conferences?

If you answered yes, you might be eligible for an ERC Starting Grant. However, answering no to one of the questions does not mean that you are not. We created a news message where you can find more information about the criteria for this grant, visit it to learn more about whether you’re ready for an ERC Starting Grant.

Interactive, personalised training for ERC StG applicants

Our hands-on ERC Starting Grant writing training supports researchers in creating a challenging research project that differentiates itself from previous research and your competitors. Moreover, our interactive workshops will teach you how to present that idea in the most competitive and persuasive way in your grant proposal.

For who?

Principal Investigators who have been awarded their PhD between 2 and 7 years prior to the year of submission, and have shown potential for research independence and evidence of maturity.

Examples of what can be learned in ERC Starting Grant Training

  • Fitting your scientific vision to the ERC Starting Grant
  • Writing best practices
  • Evaluation of the ERC StG proposals
    • Formal and informal criteria
    • Taking the reviewer’s perspective
  • How to stand out from the competition
  • Best practices

Furthermore, a ERC Starting Grant writing training can include participant pitches and group discussions, as well as talks from local ERC laureates and/or reviewers.

The exact composition of the training will be discussed and personalised for your group.


1 day, with optional modules prior to (e.g. CV check) and post (application review) training.

Request assistance

Do you have questions about ERC Starting Grant training? All of our training programmes will be adapted to your needs. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.