ERC Writing Week

The ERC Writing week is currently not open for individual registrations. However you can request this training for a group, at the end of the page.

For individual researchers: ERC Consolidator Grant Training on 29 November is Open for Registrations! The first 3 registrations will receive a personal review of their proposal prior to submission. Register quickly to improve your chances of success.

ERC Grants are highly desired and competitive, so thorough preparation of your application is necessary to improve your chance of success. To this end, we have developed the ERC Writing Week to help you stand out from the competition in ERC Grants.

About the ERC Grants

The European Research Council (ERC) has the mission to support ambitious and outstanding researchers through funding high-risk studies. By being open to any topic – with an emphasis on frontiers in the field of science, engineering and scholarship – the ERC ensures unique agility such that promising new fields can be targeted quickly. ERC Grants are highly rewarding, and therefore also highly competitive and difficult to acquire.

Five different funding schemes are in place to fulfil ERC’s mission: Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants, Advanced Grants, Proof of Concept, and Synergy Grant. Each program has its own target group with different ranges of expected research experience, with the grant size ranging accordingly (table 1).

Table 1: ERC’s funding schemes with corresponding target group and grant size.

Funding scheme Target group Maximum grant size
Starting Grants 2-7 years experience since PhD €1,5 million
Consolidator Grants 7-12 years experience since PhD €2 million
Advanced Grants PIs with significant achievements €2,5 million
Proof of Concept PIs in an ERC research project €150.000
Synergy Grants Collaboration between 2 to 4 PIs €10 million

ERC Writing Week training

The ttopstart academy can provide you with a competitive edge for the proposal through our ERC Writing Week: a training that can be developed specifically for you and for any type of ERC grant.

For who?

The ERC Writing Week can be developed for researchers in the process of developing a competitive application fitting one of the ERC Funding Schemes.

What can be learned?

At ttopstart, we have the expertise and experience to help you stand out from the competition. Within the interactive ERC Writing Week, our experts can teach you about different components that are of importance for reviewers. The programme focuses on getting the participants to deliver a full draft of B1 at the end of the week, with the ttopstart academy support and peer review during the writing. Review service of B2 in the weeks after the training week is included in the fee.

An excerpt of what is offered:

  • Insight into the formal and informal evaluation criteria
  • How to determine whether an idea is excellent enough
  • How to best tackle the submission process
  • How to build a sound project strategy or work plan
  • Tips on scientific writing
  • Tips, tricks, and strategic advice for your proposal specifically
  • How to use the ttopstart Fast Forward (FFWD) methodology to your advantage

For a more detailed description and previous experiences of an ERC Writing Week, read about the ERC Advanced Grant Writing Week at Radboudumc.


The ERC Writing Week comprises of 5 full days. These days comprise of a mix of hands-on training, brainstorm and discussion of FIT and FRAMEWORK (see FFWD), support during writing, and constant reviewing.

Request assistance

Interested in providing your researchers with the best foundation for the highly competitive and rewarding ERC grants? Please contact our expert team to discover all possibilities!