Introduction to academic entrepreneurship

Academic entrepreneurship

Academic entrepreneurship is reshaping the life sciences industry. By translating research findings to profitable enterprises scientists can carry their inventions and discoveries out of the university lab for the benefit of society. However, transitioning from science to entrepreneurship requires learning novel skills and adapting a different mind-set. Recognising a potential opportunity is just the start, and bringing an idea to market is a long and challenging road.

Do you want to put your academic endeavours to practice for the benefit of society? Have you recently applied for a patent and are you thinking of forming a company or a partnership with industry based on this specific scientific invention? Then this training is for you.

In this 1-day hands-on training course, we will discuss why, how and when to start a spin-off company in the life sciences, based on our extensive experience with creating and supporting over 75 spin-offs in the biotech and medtech sector. Using proven methods, such as the business model canvas, this training session will touch upon essential BioBusiness basics, including intellectual property, funding strategy and business plan development.

For who?

Academic researchers in various stages of their career wanting to learn about creating a spin-off company and working with industry in the health and life sciences industry.

What you will learn

  • How to collaborate with industry in a research setting
  • How to recognise the right time to start a company, based on market needs, IP and so on
  • How to obtain funding (subsidies, loans and private equity) for your company


1 day training

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