Introduction to Horizon 2020 project management

About Horizon 2020 Project Management

Congratulations! Your Horizon 2020 project has been recently selected for funding. In this competitive funding scheme your consortium has scored best, which means that you have the opportunity to further develop your ideas. However, now the real work starts. The administrative burden during the project can become quite high and especially in larger consortia it is not always easy to keep everyone on the same track. Successful consortia have a sound non-scientific management framework to ensure the project runs according to plan and fully in line with the Grant Agreement. This will lead to optimal collaboration within the project, faster results and higher chances of follow-up funding.

H2020 Project Management training

Are you currently preparing the Grant Agreement, but not sure how to comply with all the requirements set by the European Commission? Are you wondering how best to coordinate the production of annual project progress updates and deliverables? Are you struggling with how to best manage a large research consortium and keep all your partners on the same page? Then this training is for you.

In this 1-day training session we will explain the rules and show you how to install an effective project management structure, based on our experience as a professional non-scientific project management partner in Horizon 2020 consortia. After this training, you will be able to handle the Grant Agreement preparation phase and technical and financial reporting, while keeping your consortium in check.

For who?

Coordinators, project managers, researchers and research support officers involved in recently granted Horizon 2020 projects wanting to understand the basics of project management.

What you will learn

  • How to kick-start your project and prepare for the project lifecycle
  • How to prepare the Grant and Consortium Agreement
  • How to use the Participant Portal and the SyGMa tool
  • How to coordinate and prepare technical and financial reporting
  • How to manage your project and your partner

Duration: 1 day

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