Horizon 2020 consortia training: developing research consortia for Horizon 2020

About the Horizon 2020 consortia training

To successfully address Europe’s research and innovation challenges, researchers are increasingly required to collaborate in research consortia that consist of industry and partners from different backgrounds. Researchers need to establish competitive research teams by bringing together an international network of key opinion leaders, innovative companies and other key stakeholders such as patient organisations and health insurers. Developing and managing these research consortia requires a new skill set and approach.

Are you considering applying for a Horizon 2020 grant, but unsure of the requirements for a strong consortium? Do you want to learn how to identify important stakeholders, and identify and contact prospective partners? Then this training is for you.

In this interactive 1-day training session we will address all relevant aspects for creating and managing competitive research consortia. We will show you how to set up a strong consortium, how to select partners (including SMEs) and how to select suitable Horizon 2020 calls. After this training you are ready to develop your own competitive consortium.

To further increase the impact of this training we offer an associated service that assists you, on a 1-on-1 basis, in setting up a strong consortium or network in your specific field. We will help to identify partners, contact partners and bring partners together, leveraging our broad network in life sciences and medical technology. These collaborations will not only help you with applying for funding, but will also boost your scientific research programme. This allows you to remain competitive in your research field.

For who?

Researchers from universities and industry wanting to develop competitive research consortia

What you will learn

  • Essentials of consortia for Horizon 2020 and beyond
    • Characteristics of competitive research consortia
    • Where to begin
    • How to identify other important stakeholders
  • How to identify complementary partners from research and industry, including SMEs
  • How to include important stakeholders such as patient organisations and health insurers
  • For which Horizon 2020 calls you can apply as a consortium


1-day training

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